moment of the good idea

The moment that I thought it would be a good idea to write a book http://ESM 2009    There was also a fleeting unarchived use of the phrase by Thecla Schiphorst, circa 2007. Abrahamson recycled the phrase “embodied design” into the learning sciences to describe an approach to the construction of pedagogical materials and activities that […]

Embodied Design

Overview The phrase “embodied design” was first coined by van Rompay and Hekkert (2001), industrial designers who used Lakoff and Johnson’s cognitive semantics theory of conceptual metaphor to predict the emotional affect that humans would attribute to architectural structures, such as bus stops.

Creativity and Instructional Design

Creativity and Instructional Design by Connie Malamed an instructional analysis and ideating a creative treatment. Creativity is Under Discussed in our Industry Creativity is often thought of as a mysterious phenomenon, arising out of those ‘struck by lightning’ moments. Although it is an important aspect of the instructional design process, it seems to be missing from the standard systems-based […]


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Chapter 1

In some articles about higher education the writer will stress the importance of instructional design. They explain that the procedures which are used to develop courses and curricula are primarily focused on the systematic approach. However, the task to develop all redesign existing courses or curricula is rather complex. You cannot finish this task with […]

Is Design Thinking Missing From ADDIE? by Connie Malamed

But we also need an approach to help us synthesize, innovate and create. The practice of design thinking seems to be sorely missing from instructional design university programs, professional training and workplace practices. A Design Thinking Process As you would expect, there are many variations to the design thinking model. Generally, there are between three […]

Organizer of the book

When a teacher has designed, or redesigned his course he will be satisfied if ……..


introduction the teacher and educational development: how complex is the educational design task? The design task of the teacher can be focused on the introduction of some new elements in the existing course. The main problem is how can I design and introduce the new elements in my course in order to increase the quality […]

Why is and instructional design approach necessary?

The main reason is that there are no standard solutions in the field of education. The development of new education can be seen as an eclectic approach. This means the teacher or the designer has to formulate possible solutions and select the best. In various instructional design models there is focus on design activities. However, […]