The final result of the instructional design process

The result of the instructional design process is course in which the students study and the teachers are teaching. In the learning theories are course is considerate be the learning environment. In this learning environment, the teachers and the students are interacting in such a way that the main learning objectives of the course are mastered by the students. The crucial quality criteria for a learning environment are: effectiveness and efficiency are priorities for selecting instructional methods, student engagement and relevance of learning are key factors in designing instruction for the information age learners. Is the environment evidence-based?

The learning theories give clear indications what elements of the learning environment should be available:

  1. Description of the educational visionof the teacher.
  2. The content and in (coherent) sequence in which the content will be studied.
  3. The formal and informal assessment of the students.
  4. Meaningful learning and teaching activities.
  5. The division of power in the course between students and teachers.
  6. The learning objectives.

Besides, several questions as to be answered:

  • how to adapt with the entry levels of the students
  • how to explain difficult concepts, topics or procedures.
  • How to cope with the constructs in the context.

This all is based on the expected learning processes and the necessary learning experience in order to be able to master the learning objectives.

All these elements and questions should be given close attention in the instructional design process.

There are evidences which are presented by the research activities and evidences which are rooted in the experiences of the teachers. These evidences are in the following chapters used to answer the questions and elaborating the educational elements. This includes that the various concepts will be explained and described in more detail.

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